What Our Clients Say About Us

I highly recommend Wes Seidel and Flint Medical as a top quality staffing and placement company in the healthcare industry. We have been working with Wes Seidel and Flint for several months and have been extremely pleased with the personalism and speed of their services.  Within a few months, they were able to recruit a part-time physician in a very tough market and find a Locum that could work as back up for that location and some of our other clinic locations. I had been looking for a year myself and also used another recruiting firm unsuccessfully. I am a fan and will use them exclusively for my outside recruiting needs in the future. Our company values service and they provide exceptional service! I also found their fees to be more reasonable than other firms I have used in the past. I would ask you to consider Flint Medical for your healthcare staffing and recruiting needs.


We have been working with Flint for 2 years on order to address the many challenges we face in adequately staffing our ER. We were impressed by the both caliber and performance of the physicians that Flint provided, and after careful consideration, made the decision to contract with Flint to both manage and staff our entire ER schedule. Both my staff and I have been very pleased with the service provided by Flint. Their tailor-made approach has been a great fit and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

B. L., CEO

It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for Flint Medical Staffing. I have been very pleased with the service and personal approach that the company has provided to us over many years. The Director of Operations, Dane McWilliams, has been very efficient and has provided coverage for all our needs. I have given him very short notice on occasions that I need coverage and he has always come through. If I have had an issue with one their providers, I can freely relay the problem to Dane and he has been very punctual in addressing the issue so that it doesn’t occur again. I have no hesitation in recommending Flint Medical Staffing. This company has been our sole provider for physician and midlevel coverage for many years, Please feel free to contact me.

D. Y., CEO

Flint Medical Staffing is an essential part of my formula for keeping a rural hospital and rural health clinic fully staffed as a solo rural physician. My job duties include 24 hour coverage of the hospital and emergency room. Without the reliable and always available coverage that Flint supplles to our facility, I would not be able to physically and mentally be the physician that I need to be in this location where I have worked since 2003. Flint is known for their careful screening of their positions that they provide and the coordinators place a high priority on our staffing needs. Dane McWilliams, the coordinator for our site, has been receptive to our needs and responsive in very quick fashion. I really feel that Flint is an extension of our organization. We have even had a last minute need due to a COVID-19 scare on my part. With a sudden illness they immediately provided coverage until I could be cleared. They definitely make it easy to justify paying a little more for a staffing agency rather than contracting directly with a physician by having alternative coverage if something goes wrong. Plus, you just cannot beat the working relationship you develop with the site coordinator. We have been highly satisfied with this arrangement and I highly recommend Flint Medical Staffing for superior service and a remedy to staffing headaches.

C. B., M.D.

As a fortunate recipient of the opportunities offered by Flint Medical I am glad to recommend you and the entire staff with whom I have worked.
You have meticulously located Family Practice work ideally suited to my particular skill set. The three work assignments have all been accurately described and all did meet my expectations.
To anyone who has the necessary and available skills I would highly recommend Flint Medical.

R. M., D.O.

It has been a pleasure working with Wes for the past four years. He is fantastic when it comes to personal relationships. He is able to decipher needs and provide solutions to problems quickly. He values how the medical care is provided to the patients at our emergency center.


I am writing to express our deep appreciation for the great physicians you have provided to us this year. Thank you. The services provided have been nothing short of amazing – and this is not hyperbole – beginning with the first ER physician in response to an unexpected need that arose while I was out of the country for 15 days. (Recall that we did not even have a formal agreement in place at the time I left.) When I returned I learned that it had all been handled, and that the first doctor was liked by all; the staff immediately asked for him to return. Since then, in addition to having him return, you have provided half a dozen other doctors to act as locums in our clinic or to cover our Emergency Department. They have all been truly outstanding in every way. You promised me that you would not send anyone with whom I would not be entirely pleased, and so it has been. Every one of them has been prompt and appropriate in their care of our patients, and they have demonstrated a caring attitude toward patients as well as a collegial and appropriate respect for our physicians and nursing staff. Thank you, again. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our hospital and the organizations you represent.

B. B., MD, MPH Chief of Medical Staff Director of Emergency Department

I just wanted to send you our sincere appreciation for all the help Flint Medical Staffing has provided Palo Pinto General Hospital in physician staffing. Your response in providing the necessary physician locums coverage has been nothing short of outstanding. Palo Pinto on several occasions were notified of a need for help less than twenty four hours in advance. One phone call to your office and the next thing we know, you have a physician lined up for credentialing and ready to cover the necessary gaps in coverage. Your organization has allowed our hospital the opportunity to retain our patients in our community by supplying the necessary specialty. Without your quick response, these patients would have been shipped to a tertiary hospital in Dallas/Ft. Worth. The last challenge was a general surgeon out due to an accident for a month, your organization stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for PPGH. The physician sent was so good, we did not want to let him go. On another occasion, we needed a Pediatrician, Flint Medical Staffing jumped on our request and provided excellent professional locums with the necessary skills and experience that made our OB/GYN’s very comfortable in their deliveries.

D. S., MD, Interim CEO/CFO